Remote Terminal Units

EES Corp. develops telemetry solutions around PLC-based RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), which have the advantage of flexibility to adapt to process control. For standard RTU applications, EES is focused on the SENECA product due to its versatile communication and open architecture.

Z-PC Line – Remote Control Units

Integrated remote control units with multi-function CPUs and serial/Ethernet communication ports, GSM (GPRS, PSTN) modems on board, and protected and isolated I/O terminal blocks. General purpose, battery, and cathodic protection versions.

  • Z-RTU – Remote control integrated unit
  • M-RTU-GP – Battery-powered telemetry unit
  • M-RTU-PC – Battery-powered telemetry unit for cathodic protection
  • Z-GPRS – GSM / GPRS unit with ModBUS interface

S7-1200 As RTUs

EES Corp. offers Telemetry solutions based on the Siemens Simatic S7-1200 PLC, along with the integration of any existing SCADA to communicate with additional RTUs in existing installations or by providing full SCADA and HMI solutions based on Siemens Packages.

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