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Industrial Enclosures

EES Corp. provides industrial enclosures from Himel, Siemens and Eta, as a value added reseller. It is enough for the client to send his needs in terms of size, protection, environment and EES will suggest the suitable cubicle system. Furthermore, engineering and complete drawing can be developed for the client at a certain cost for his manufacturing. EES can also execute the panel assembly having the adequate mechanical and electrical staff.


EES Corp. is proud to Introduce QUADRITALIA Product in the Saudi Market.

QUADRITALIA today is one of the European leaders in the field of manufacturing of enclosures for the industrial automation and distribution, with a range of products that goes from the small wall mount boxes to the complete modular floor standing enclosures, from the consoles to enclosures’ accessories, and the customized products.

An efficient and motivated staff, together with our wide domestic and international commercial network, assure complete support to all customers, enriched by the flexibility and efficiency of our Technical Department, ready to satisfy any requirement.

The great expertise, achieved through more than 20 years of activity, and the knowledge and presence on many international markets makes Quadritalia not only a simple supplier of our customers, but rather a strategic partner.

Climate Control for Enclosures

  • FANS / Extraction Fans
  • Enclosure Heaters
  • AC unit for Enclosures


Other Enclosure as per Client Preference

EES Corp. also used different Enclosures as per client requirements, consultants specifications, approved end client lists, and specific use and application.

    • Wall Mounting Steel Enclosures CRN
    • Floor Standing Mono Block Enclosures CMO
    • Industrial Cubicle System OLN
  • SIEMENS SICUBE System Cubicles

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